• The Tricer-AD is a fully functioning sit to stand tripod.

    Utilizing an inverted leg design the 33oz AD is the strongest tripod in its class. Long gone are the days of using a photography tripod with pencil thin legs on the ground.

    The inverted AD has a 3 section leg with the largest 1 1/8” leg on the ground, a 1” in the middle and the thinnest 7/8” leg at the head.

    This revolutionary backcountry tripod will easily handle any optic or rifle you put on it. The AD proves you can go ultralight without sacrificing stability.



    • 8x carbon fiber construction
    • Weighs 33oz w/16″ center column or
    • Weighs 32oz w/4″ center column
    • 21” collapsed height w/legs 180 folded or
    • 23” folded standard •  Inverted legs 7/8” – 1” – 1 1/8”
    • Same diameter as a Nalgene
    • 1/4 turn twist lock
    • All twist locks are at the head making it the easiest and fastest tripod to set up on the market
    • 64” max height
    • 26.4lb weight capacity 


    Also Includes :

    • 16” center column w/hang hook
    • Extra 4” center post for shooting prone or saving weight
    • 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 reversible stud


  • Designed for the western big game hunter. The Tricer-LP is the ultralight solution to backcountry glassing. It’s the lightest pan head on the market and is as smooth as butter. The Tricer-LP is the gold standard for optics stabilization.



    • Weighs 4.5oz
    • Arca-Swiss compatible
    • Fits 3/8-16 threaded studs
    • Carbon fiber handle

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